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We are currently working to upload all products here for a simple one-stop shopping experience. In the meantime, please see our other shopping sites, listed below! All feature our unique artwork, and designs are customized by yours truly.

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There was once a small black cat named Bean. Bean belonged to an Artist, and she was basically a strange little witch’s familiar. Unfortunately, Bean had a very short life, but she was so well-loved in that time. When she passed, the Artist decided to keep her memory alive by creating Strange Familiar Art & Design. 


The art ranges from cute to macabre, sexy to unnerving. The subject matter often consists of female figures, flowers, and bones, in the Artist’s own interpretation of feminism, mortality, and creating her own commentary on the world. She also does commissions for a number of local performers, models, and sex workers, helping them create their own brand for merchandise. Both her art and her existence are political as a queer woman of colour in today's society.


Rest in peace, beloved Bean.


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Like many contractors & small businesses, we are struggling financially right now. If you have the funds to spare, feel free to leave us a donation! All funds will go towards establishing ourselves & growing as a company. 



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